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About us

Welcome to Cateringinventar.dk. The webshop is administered by Kpa Company ApS, which since 1994 has specialized and delivered equipment for commercial kitchens throughout Denmark.

Name : Kpa Company ApS (cateringinventar.dk)
Cvr no: 18066904
Address : Rømersvej 33, 7430 Ikast

Telephone: 78 76 08 37
Telephone hours: Mon-Thursday 08.00 – 16.30 & Friday 08.00 – 13.30
E-mail : Main email: [email protected]  Service: [email protected]   Office: [email protected] 

Return Policy

There is a 14-day return policy on items in original packaging or for items that are in the same condition as when they were delivered. Round-trip shipping costs are non-refundable.

How do I return the item?
First of all, you can reject receipt of the product. When we receive your product back, we will contact you so that we can clarify your wish. If you have received the product and wish to return it, please contact us on tel. 78 76 36 12. You are also welcome to return your item using our return portal: https://retur.pakkelabels.dk /kpacompany
Once we have received your return package, our customer service will process it immediately. We will typically refund the amount to you within 14 days from the date we received notice of your decision to cancel the transaction. We will make such a refund using the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

A return fee of 15% of the price of the item is charged, however, at least DKK 500 excl. VAT. Specially produced goods can not be returned unless otherwise written separately on the invoice.


We will ship your item as soon as we have received your payment, unless otherwise agreed. If you have paid with a Dankort or mastercard, we will first withdraw the amount from your card as soon as we have sent the item from our warehouse.


These sales conditions apply to the sale of any product and any service from Kpa Company ApS (Cateringinventar.dk). The customer's indication of special or general terms in the order acceptance or tender material is not considered a deviation from these terms, unless these are accepted in writing by Kpa Company ApS.
Delivery of furniture and freight damage

Parcel shipments are sent with GLS.

At Kpa Company ApS, delivery takes place either in our own car or via our freight forwarder Jørgen Jensen Distribution or Danish Shippers. The delivery price depends on the quantity of your commercial kitchen equipment and the destination of the commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen is delivered to the whole country, the price is stated when ordering. The delivery price includes delivery to the curb only. Carrying etc. is an option that can be purchased at an additional cost.

Your item is shipped on all weekdays as a starting point within 48 hours of your order, unless you have ordered an order item. Should your item be backordered, you will be contacted by mail or phone shortly after your order.

Kpa Company ApS is happy to deliver to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and abroad, but a somewhat longer delivery time is to be expected, as well as an additional amount to our normal rates. Catering furniture sells to companies, which is why the general provisions of the Purchase Act do not apply. All delivery prices on the site are calculated based on delivery to bridged islands. Supplement for delivery to islands incl. Bornholm may occur.

For items that are to be sent by freight forwarder, always remember to check the item for any shipping damage BEFORE acknowledging receipt. If there are errors or defects, this will be noted on the consignment note itself, the same applies if the delivery has been exposed to theft. The carrier has been asked to call you 30 minutes before arriving at the address, this service is only a wish and not a requirement. In the case of hidden damage, complaints must also be made immediately after receipt and the fault has been established. Feel free to take pictures of the equipment before moving it. Unpack the equipment before receipt on the consignment note.

According to Danish CMR legislation, it is always the recipient who is responsible for receiving the goods! If the complaint is not made in time, the right to claim defects will lapse.

For each delivery, 5 minutes are included for unloading, if this deadline is exceeded, the forwarding company will be entitled to invoice any. more time used.

Prices, payment and overdue invoices

All prices on CateringInventar.dk are excl. VAT. Kpa Company ApS sells to traders. Once the invoice has been paid, the customer has accepted that the item is for business use and the general provisions of the Purchase Act therefore do not apply.

Payment is made prior to delivery, unless otherwise agreed. The customer can not make a set-off in the amount and the customer can not withhold or refuse payment due to delay, complaint or counterclaims regarding the specific service or product delivery.

In the event of overdue payment, a reminder fee will be charged, as well as 2% in monthly interest per. commenced month. In addition, Kpa Company ApS reserves the ownership of the purchased goods until the full invoice amount has been paid.

Cooling Equipment

Our refrigeration equipment is not suitable for direct contact with food, unless it is stated directly on the product or there is food documentation on the product itself. It is therefore important that food stored in refrigeration equipment from us is stored in packaging or food-approved trays / dishes.

Rental of commercial kitchen equipment

During the rental period, any ordering service go through Kpa Company ApS and it can not be expected that any costs that have not been notified Kpa Company ApS will be reimbursed. During the rental period, the tenant is responsible for the equipment and insurance of this. The equipment is not insured by the landlord. Should an accident have occurred, which the tenant is to blame for, the actual costs for repair / purchase of the like. equipment will be charged by the tenant. The starting point is that the equipment is fully functional upon receipt, if there is a breakdown or other defects in the equipment during the rental period, the rental price for the specific piece of equipment will be refunded when the fault has been tested and found justified. Due to low rental prices, service can not be provided on the equipment in the tenant's custody, unless this has been agreed with Kpa Company ApS. If the equipment is not functional upon receipt, it must be notified immediately. In the event of any defects in the equipment, Kpa Company ApS will be contacted immediately and we will of course be helpful in rectifying acute deficiencies. In general, our equipment is of very high quality and very new compared to others on the market. This ensures that our equipment has the lowest possible probability of breakdown - for the joy and benefit of you and us.

All equipment is returned in cleaned condition. If the equipment has not been cleaned, a cleaning fee will be charged, which corresponds to the actual time spent on cleaning. However, at least DKK 350 excl. VAT. We are by no means crackers, but the equipment is delivered in normal cleaned condition and all leftovers, etc. must be removed from the equipment when returned.

It is also not permitted to pledge equipment rented by Kpa Company ApS. Kpa Company ApS reserves the right to refuse rental without special reason.

If equipment is not returned, cf. the agreement entered into on the individual contract, Kpa Company ApS is entitled to charge additional rent for the period. However, this will be assessed according to the specified circumstances.

For long-term rentals, a maximum of 2 pieces of equipment can be rented, unless a special agreement has been entered into.
Warranty on new products and demo models
New items are sold with a 1-year warranty, demo models are sold with a functional guarantee. On demo models, a 12-month warranty can be selected (this is automatically selected and must be de-selected). All products belonging to the category of small appliances and kitchen appliances that can be sent with GLS must be sent to our workshop to be repaired. Including blenders, smaller toasters, vegetable choppers, induction burners, etc.
All service cases have the same high priority and we endeavor to solve all problems as quickly as possible - the actual processing time will depend on the busyness of our own and external technicians. Included in the guarantee, however, is NOT weekend call-out, evening supplement or similar. All repairs are carried out during normal business hours. Loan machines are not offered during the repair period, unless this is considered to be exceptionally long.
As with all other warranties, self-inflicted damages are not covered. Self-inflicted damages include: Incorrect connection, lack of cleaning / maintenance, ovens or dishwashers without descaling systems, etc.
Wear parts such as rubber strips, glass, bulbs and consumables such as vacuum oil, sandpaper in potato peelers, etc. is not covered by warranty.

Warranty on used items for commercial kitchens

On all our used goods you get a functional guarantee and an additional 2 months' guarantee can be purchased. This is applied automatically, but can be unsubscribed if desired. Used goods have been examined in our own workshop and found to be free of defects. However, Kpa Company ApS can also sell goods listed as defective or "collection price", which indicates that the goods cannot be expected to function as intended upon receipt. In the event of an outstanding, overdue balance, all possible warranty obligations will lapse.

Reservations regarding. sales, technical information, instructions, etc.

We make reservations for typing and typing errors, as well as discontinued commercial kitchen items. Also be aware that it can be difficult to reproduce colors, condition and equipment 100% on images. Kpa Company ApS can also not be held responsible for delays with our freight forwarder and suppliers in connection with delivery.

Product information, illustrations, technical data, etc. should be considered as indicative only. If a binding answer to this information is required, this must be issued in writing from Kpa Company ApS.

The customer has the full responsibility for selecting the equipment for the service that is desired. It is the customer's responsibility to achieve the expected results and functionality with the equipment and that it can function in the environment where the equipment is intended to be used.

Cateringinventar.dk does not take responsibility for equipment that is incorrectly installed and any dangers that arise in this connection. In addition, it is always the buyer's obligation to double-check that the equipment purchased at cateringinventar.dk complies with applicable legislation and restrictions that are present at the product's final destination.

Delivery delay

Cateringinventar.dk is not responsible for delay in delivery, if the delay is due to force majeure or delay caused by an external party. All matters beyond the seller's control - including import bans, labor disputes, etc. is also not the seller's responsibility.

Delivery time is postponed by the number of days that Kpa Company ApS awaits information, possibly. deposit or otherwise need to meet any. formalities or agreed terms.

In case of delay, the timely delivery time will thus be postponed by a period corresponding to the duration of the obstacle.

In the event of other delays, the buyer may terminate the agreement if the seller has not delivered within 30 days after receiving a written request for delivery from the buyer.

Defects and product liability

Kpa Company ApS 'liability for errors and defects is always and in any situation limited to either re-delivering, remedying the defect or offering the customer a discount in the purchase price determined by Kpa Company ApS.

Kpa Company is responsible for product liability in accordance with the provisions of the Product Liability Act, which cannot be deviated from by agreement. Kpa Company ApS disclaims liability for product damages on any other basis. The product liability cannot exceed the amount of coverage on Kpa Company ApS´'s product liability insurance.

The seller may in warranty cases (see separate section on warranty) require repair, re-delivery or post-delivery, if this can be done without significant inconvenience to the buyer. Exchange and consequent in / out, up and down is not considered to be a significant disadvantage as the seller only obliges his deliveries to curb delivery, which is why returned goods are according to the same set of rules. Buyer may not cancel the transaction in whole or in part or otherwise claim denial or compensation unless Seller has shown gross negligence or intent. It cannot be considered a defect if there is no Danish manual.

The customer undertakes to carry out an inspection of the service / delivery immediately and no later than the weekday after receipt of a delivery. During this inspection, any defects must be checked, and if any are found, they must immediately complain in writing to Kpa Company ApS.

The seller is only liable for product damage in relation to the buyer if it is proven that the damage is due to errors or negligence committed by the seller. Unless it is proven that the seller has acted with gross negligence or intent, the seller is not product responsible for the following: Damage to real estate or movables that occur while the delivered is in the buyer's possession, Damage to products made by the buyer, Damage to products , which includes the products manufactured by the buyer or third parties.

Should the seller be imposed product liability to third parties, the buyer is obliged to indemnify the seller to the same extent as the seller's liability by the above provisions is limited in relation to the buyer.

Kpa Company ApS does not take responsibility for equipment that is incorrectly installed and any hazards that arise in this connection. In addition, it is always the buyer's obligation to double check that the equipment purchased from Kpa Company ApS complies with applicable legislation and restrictions that are present at the product's final destination. And that the equipment is approved for the specific purpose the customer wants to use this for. This also applies to the equipment being installed, installed and used in accordance with current legislation.

Return of the EL-SKROT / Wee regulation

In the case of equipment of an electrical and electronic nature, the customer is entitled to return it to Kpa Company ApS. The customer arranges at his own expense for the return of the electrical and electronic equipment to the address indicated by Kpa Company ApS. Kpa Company ApS transfers the responsibility for the disposal of the equipment in accordance with WEEE legislation §33 (see Executive Order no. 362 of 6 April 2010 with later amendment § 33), the product may not be disposed of as unclassified municipal waste, but must be disposed of separately in containers and collection points as is labeled for WEE waste.

Executive Order on the marketing of electrical and electronic equipment as well as waste management of electrical and electronic equipment (Electronic Waste Executive Order) no. 362 of 6 April 2010 (with subsequent amendments).

§ 33. Manufacturers and importers who market electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) for business use may agree with the buyer of the equipment that the buyer takes over the manufacturer's or importer's obligations for separate handling.

Limitation of Liability

The buyer can not raise claims for compensation of any kind, including operating losses, profit losses, consequential damages or other indirect losses, thus the seller's liability can be limited to solely attributable to the delivered equipment.

Cateringinventar.dk does not take responsibility for equipment that is incorrectly installed and any dangers that arise in this connection. In addition, it is always the buyer's obligation to double-check that the equipment purchased at cateringinventar.dk complies with applicable legislation and restrictions that are present at the product's final destination in relation to the use that the user of the equipment has intended.


Any dispute between seller and buyer is settled by the court in Herning with the usual access to appeal.

Deviation from the Purchase Act

The conditions for purchases at Kpa Company ApS deviate from the provisions of the Purchase Act. Kpa Company ApS uses the purchase law's provision on freedom of contract between professionals for all B2B purchases.

Offers without expiration date sent out per. mail, letter or per. telephone can be canceled without prior notice without justification.

Privacy Policy

The business understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. The business will not disclose information about customers / users to third parties unless necessary to implement a transaction. The Business will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card or personal data to any third party without your prior permission.
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