Industrial oven, Tecnodom Nerone GASTRO


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Bemærk: Divide your capacity into several smaller ovens and save energy. You only heat the capacity you need and can quickly connect more when the store is busy

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Tecnodom nerone is our best-selling "industrial oven", one model that we sell several hundred of every single year. The oven is for 100/1 gn trays, which is what the large and much more expensive industrial ovens also use. Many people buy it as a back-up oven, extra capacity, event oven that can be taken to events or just as a primary oven for a place to serve warm baked goods.

We recommend that you do not use the oven as your primary oven - unless you then buy 2-3 pieces. Although the oven is in good quality - in fact unheard of for the price, the oven is not built to be opened several hundred times every single day and run at the highest temperature all the time.

However, the price is so low that the oven actually costs less than an after-hours delivery fee for most technicians. It is smart, gives peace of mind and happy guests to always have a backup on hand. Many of our customers have seen this before.

Also the fact that with an extra mini-oven you can cook at one temperature in your primary oven and another in this oven also gives you increased flexibility.

- For 4x 1 / 1gn slopes

- Can be modular

- Easy cleaning with removable door

- Simple operation

- Bottom hinge

- 2 fans for even heat distribution

Italian quality produced, Tecnodom

- Stackable (can be modular)

- Industrial oven with 4x 1 / 1gn insert (best with 1 / 1gn-40 trays, grates with tray stop or similar)

- 3,35kW, 230v (note for large-scale production 400v oven or more ovens are recommended)

- Measures W: 69 cm x D: 66 cm x H: 58 cm

- Weighs 37 kg.

Industrial oven, Tecnodom Nerone GASTRO

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