Steel table with sink

Steel tables with sink. Choose between 1 or 2 sinks. They decide for themselves what type of table you want. We offer both fully welded steel tables with lower shelf, without lower shelf, with ripped lower shelf or on an open base. Fully welded steel tables with sink can be delivered according to your measurements and wishes.

To achieve the best working positions, the steel tables can be adjusted in depth, height and length, according to your wishes, so that they suit you and your staff. Of course, steel tables with a bead edge can also be supplied so that water and other liquids do not run over the table edge, sumpsi so that the sink can be emptied more easily of any food leftovers, wooden inserts for extra stability or whatever your wishes should be.

Stainless steel tables are good in kitchens because of their hygiene friendliness. Here is no collection, either on the table or in the sink where bacteria can be collected. It provides a smooth surface that is easy to wipe off and spray off.

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