Heating lamp, heating plate and heating cabinet

Heating cabinets and hot plates

Heating cabinets are important in a busy kitchen. It allows you to keep your food warm, at the statutory 65 degrees, before serving. It gives your kitchen increased flexibility and the opportunity to have your customers dispatched more quickly. Many foods can be easily kept at 65 degrees without compromising on taste and texture. Heating cabinets are available both with wheels, as cabinets and as showcases, depending on what you want. A heating cabinet on wheels for plates can hold many plates and can keep whole dishes warm during a certain period if unexpected delays occur in the kitchen. Heating cabinets with wire shelves are also a popular alternative to display cases. It is both cheap and gives you a good opportunity to serve food from your showcase, without your customer having to wait for the food to heat up.

plate warmer electric

Electric plate warmer keeps your plate warm and thus the food you serve. Server e.g. a good steak on a preheated plate, the plate heated by a plate warmer electrically and your customers will find that the food stays hot even longer. Get happier customers by using an electric plate warmer to heat up your plates. An electric plate warmer can be used for both cast iron plates and porcelain plates, just remember to check if your porcelain plates can withstand the heat from the electric plate warmer.

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