Potato peeler

If you need an industrial potato peeler for your catering company, restaurant, cafe or similar, then there is a lot of money to be saved by buying a model on our webshop. We sell a wide selection at cheap prices and of high quality. If there is a specific model that you are missing but cannot find in our selection, please feel free to write or call us.

We do our best to always have a wide and affordable selection of industrial potato peelers, so that there is always at least one model that suits our customers.

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Industrial potato peeler models in several different sizes

If you look down at the page with our potato peelers for industry, you will probably notice that some can be added directly to the basket from this page, while others require you to click on the individual product page and choose a variant before you can put it in the basket.

If you need a potato peeler that can handle many kg in an hour, then it might be a good idea to look at both what the individual model can take per time but also how many kg it can peel per hour. The large models, which can take many kg at a time, will probably be able to take more per hour overall when compared to a smaller model, but it also depends on the design and power of the individual machine.

The products where you can choose between several different size variants will have a reduced price listed here on the page, whereas the products where there is only one variant have a single price, which can either be our fixed normal price or a price after discount .
Our range of industrial potato peelers
We sell both the large industrial potato peelers, which can take many kg at a time, and the smaller ones, which are suitable for smaller restaurants. The more kg a machine must be able to take, the bigger it will probably be, and the more it will probably weigh. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider which size you can settle for. It is an especially important choice if you need to be able to move the machine around.

Since we collaborate with many different suppliers in catering, fixtures and commercial kitchens, we have the opportunity not only to get a special product for your home but also to make a good offer for you.
Useful information about our industrial potato peelers
The indication of kg in the product name is an indication of how many kilograms of potatoes the machine in question can peel at a time. If you want to know what the individual industrial potato peeler weighs, then you have to click on the products that interest you and then look at the available documents. Information such as weight and dimensions will typically be mentioned in the document called Specification under the point Documentation.

Many machines not only have a maximum capacity for how many kilos of potatoes can be peeled at a time, because some models also have a limit on how many kg can be peeled in total per hour.

For certain products, you can purchase additional products/services.