In Table Washer

We have Denmark's largest selection of underboard dishwashers. We always have more than 200 machines for industrial dishes in stock, so we can deliver your new sub-table dishwasher tomorrow.

An under-counter dishwasher washes dishes in 2-4 minutes and can thus handle very large amounts of dishes in a very short time. Note, however, that because the washing time is so short, the dishes cannot be dried, as in an ordinary household machine. Using fabric softener and a high final rinse temperature of over 80 degrees, the dishes can dry themselves a long way, by standing for "steaming" 1-2 minutes after they have come out of the machine. You achieve the best drying result by buying an under-counter dishwasher with a rinse pump that ensures the highest possible temperature through the final rinse all the way from start to finish.

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