Can I pay with EAN number?

EAN invoicing for public companies is also an option. We deliver goods to many public companies and purchases can be made easily, quickly and painlessly via our webshop.
Below you can read more about the different types of payment we have when you buy a commercial kitchen from Denmark's probably cheapest supplier of equipment for a commercial kitchen.

Of course, we are happy to issue EAN invoices to the public sector. The purchase can be made by phone or directly via the webshop. When ordering in our webshop, the payment solution "EAN" is selected at check out. The system then asks you to note down your EAN number. in the comments field - then we do the rest. You are of course also welcome to place your order via E-mail at [email protected]. We are happy to send our catering equipment to your address, just as you are welcome to drop by and look at all the quality equipment we can offer for your catering. If you stop by, you can take a look past our PLUK store with everything in accessories for commercial kitchens.

We have sold equipment to many public companies, which have discovered that trading with us saves on budgets, without compromising on quality. We have sold industrial ovens, accessories for commercial kitchens, steel tables, scopes, gastro trays, mixers, industrial dishwashers and much more for school kitchens, public canteens and other public commercial kitchens. Our good service, low prices and large selection of commercial kitchen furniture are our brand.

How can you sell the products so cheaply?

At Cateringinventar.dk, we import the vast majority of our furniture for commercial kitchens directly from the factories. We have a 5000 m2 warehouse and buy large quantities at home at a time and pay for the goods in advance, in order to obtain cash discounts. This ensures us attractive prices with the producers, at the same time as forwarding costs per. device is held down. Via our webshop system, customers pay for their goods in advance by Dankort / bank transfer, through leasing or via IKANO bank. Thus, we also do not have a credit risk to take into account when we have to price our goods.

Our business model is based on the webshop model, which means that our cost level is very low. Our service network is external and we therefore always have a technician nearby. We have no running sellers, expensive rents with central locations or large marketing costs for printed catalogs and monthly magazines. We process a large number of orders per. employee and achieves an optimization effect by this. We have a large showroom and pick shop in Ikast, where you are welcome to drop by and touch all our products. Here you also get the personal, professional and competent advice for buying products for your commercial kitchen - and then we always have coffee on the jug. We are never further away than a phone call. Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

We deliver the clean item - at the sharpest price. That is why so many prefer Cateringinventar.dk

How long is the delivery time and what is the price for delivery?

Our deliveries of catering equipment take place from day to day and if you order before 10:00, you will often have the item delivered the next day. We have most of our goods in stock, with a few exceptions. Ex. you will find that the many 100 variants we have of steel tables, for example, are not all in stock. If your item is not in stock, we will, shortly after your completed order, contact you with an expected delivery time and an alternative that comes close, for faster delivery. If neither the delivery time nor the alternative can be accepted, you will of course be released from the purchase.

The price of delivery is settled on the basis of the shipping volume that the webshop calculates. Once you have added the desired purchases, the system calculates a shipping price based on the total quantity you have added. Sometimes you will find that you do not get an increased shipping price by adding extra items - if the items can be packed together. You tap on the shopping cart to see the shipping price.

You are also welcome to pick up the item at our warehouse in Ikast. Of course, there is no cost associated with this.

How is the item delivered?

Smaller shipments of equipment for commercial kitchens are handled by GLS / Danish freight forwarders. This is a shipment of between 0 and 30 kg. Shipments over there are shipped by our freight forwarder Danish freight forwarders. Delivery takes place the day after dispatch in the period 08.00 - 16:00. We always ask Danish freight forwarders to contact you 30 minutes before he is at the address. The customer is not entitled to be called up - and we can not issue any guarantee for this. Shipments with Danske Fragtmænd are made via local freight forwarders, who make what is popularly called a curb delivery. Collection or support is not included, but can be purchased BEFORE we send the item. Contact us for a price for your specific task.

I'm private, can I buy from you?

Unfortunately, we only deal with business customers, however, most of our products can be purchased on our our sister site www.gastrobutikken.dk, if you are private.

Can you send out a consultant?

For total kitchens, we have partners that we refer to - these draw, measure and help with good advice and guidance on your land register regarding the purchase of equipment for commercial kitchens. Contact us for more information about this option.

In the case of industrial ovens, we are also happy to send out a consultant with a demo oven, so you can be introduced to our program.

As a starting point, we do not have the opportunity to send out consultants for smaller tasks, as we are a webshop. You are welcome to drop by our large warehouse and showroom. If you have a goal or a drawing, we are happy to help with advice and guidance, while we touch on the products you are actually considering ordering - remember we have most in stock. We have chosen not to do this to benefit all our customers. The less cost we have, the lower price we can offer our catering customers. 

Shipping damage to my item - what do I do?

It is important to advertise to the carrier as soon as possible. As a starting point, any freight damage must be reported upon receipt and noted on the consignment note or receipt refused. If this has not happened, a hidden damage claim must be made. Take pictures of the equipment and avoid moving the item, then there is the greatest probability of being able to prove the claim to the freight forwarder. Photos and notification of the damage can be sent to [email protected] with reference to booking no. or delivery address, as well as date of delivery.

What do I do if a product breaks down?

We sell quality equipment for commercial kitchens. If a product still breaks down, you can contact us during and also after the warranty period. The optimal thing is to report errors via the form on our website, as we then get all the information we need. We have skilled technicians all over the country who can help fix any problem you may have with your product. Our technicians are external and that makes them present and quick to move out. We assist with advice and guidance and always have close contact with the manufacturer, which is the best service back-up imaginable. For the joy and benefit of our customers.

We have complete spare parts stocks for most of our best-selling products - and if we do not have the part, we will receive them by express shipping from our suppliers or pick them from a similar model. Our skilled technicians are also great at finding temporary solutions so you avoid downtime.

If you are in doubt about the warranty period, you can look at your invoice and read about our warranty conditions here:


I live in Sweden, and would like to buy restaurant equipment and catering equipment from you?

Then we refer to our Swedish sister store:


I find it difficult with industrial dishwashers, what do I do?

Also visit our sister site: www.industriopvasker.dk