Articles from has gone online - DK's largest selection

When you need to rent equipment for festivals, events or for a temporary need, we know that reliability is important. At you get equipment that has been used very little. Commercial kitchen rental. We are among Denmark's largest landlords of commercial kitchens such as industrial ovens, industrial fryers, etc. for festivals, events and large events. The majority […]

20. September 2018, everything in packaging for catering and catering has a wide selection of packaging solutions for the professional kitchen. We have both products that keep the food at the right temperature during transport and at the same time can present the food nicely to your customers. Are you looking for disposable service, cake boxes, paper bags or fast food packaging? ]

20. September 2018

Now online with 3.000 products for catering and café

We have gone live with and have thus opened up the entire range. Here you will find 3.000 products for commercial kitchens. Hendi is a supplier and manufacturer of buffet products, kitchen equipment and services for hospitality in private homes or for use in the HORECA sector. All products are characterized by being of good quality, having a […]

20. September 2018

Chef knife, our most popular is from Mercer. Most value for money

Today we played a little with chef's knives from Mercer. The first thing you notice when you pick up a Mercer chef's knife, herb knife or utility knife is the handle. The knife fits perfectly in the hand. This is also why the majority of customers who come to our showroom end up buying a Mercer knife, they may never [...]

26. July 2018

Kitchen cleaning in the business

We all know how important it is to have a clean kitchen at home. But it can be even more important to have a clean kitchen in the workplace, as bacteria can easily spread with so many people gathered in one place. Not only is it more delicious to prepare and eat your lunch in a clean [...]

31 May 2018 at Foodexpo

We have had an excellent FOODEXPO 2018 together with our good partners Hendi & Fagor. Many catalogs were distributed, many trade fair offers were sent out and many agreements were closed. We look forward to providing commercial kitchens to even more happy customers in the coming time.

21. March 2018

Auctions from DKK 1 on equipment from

We love doing fun activities! There is a sure success every time we launch our auctions from just DKK 1. This time the auction is expanded and bigger than ever, so now you really have the opportunity to buy commercial kitchens at crazy prices. We have Blender with sound screen, industrial refrigerator, griddle, bread warmer, coffee machine, vegetable slicer, grill, stirrer, [...]

22 January 2018

More than 16.500 likes on Facebook

WOW, our Facebook followers are skyrocketing! If you don't already follow us on Facebook, hurry up and become part of our professional commercial kitchen community, right here On our Facebook page we always tell you the latest news about new exciting products and you can always ask us questions. At, we do everything [...]

28. September 2017 will be Børsen Gazelle for the 5th year in a row!

🍾️🎉️🎉 WOW - We have become Gazelle 🍾️🎉️🎉 We have been named Børsen Gazelle for 5 years in a row. We are very proud of that and it should be celebrated with black-footed ham, stick bait and champagne! This year we have received a total of 2 gazelles, namely for our main company Kpa Company and for our import company Kpa Import. That […]

28. September 2017

[NOT CURRENT] JOB JOBS - We are looking for a seller

Seller within the commercial kitchen industry for long-standing gazelle company Do you like to have a lot of balls in the air? Do you have the chrome-plated overview and do you want to be part of a 4-fold gazelle company, where things often go fast? If you can answer yes to the above, then you might be the person we are looking for at We have […]

22. September 2017