Extended warranty

Service and warranty scheme

Even the best equipment on the market can have defects. We strive to have quality products because our customers deserve equipment that works, which is one of the reasons why the vast majority of our products are produced in the EU! Nevertheless, it is inevitable that there are occasional defects in all kinds of equipment, regardless of supplier and country of origin. We have therefore chosen to give our customers the opportunity to take out an extended warranty on all our brand new equipment.

Do you want an extra 1 year warranty ?:

With our extended warranty, you avoid unpleasant surprises. We determine the price of the warranty based on the value of each piece of equipment.

CONDITIONS: All products belonging to small machines and kitchen machines that can be sent with GLS must be sent to our workshop to be repaired. Including blenders, small cold cuts, vegetables, induction burners, etc. All service cases have equal priority and we strive to solve all problems as soon as possible - the actual processing time will depend on the busyness of our own and external technicians. Included in the guarantee, however, is NOT weekend emergency, evening allowance or the like. All repairs are carried out within normal opening hours. Loan machines are not offered during the repair period unless this is considered to be extraordinarily long.

As with all other warranties, self-inflicted damages are not covered. Self-inflicted damages include: Incorrect connection, lack of cleaning / maintenance, ovens or dishwashers without descaling systems, etc.

Wear parts such as rubber strips, glass, bulbs and consumables such as vacuum oil, sandpaper in potato peelers, etc. is not covered by warranty.