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About KPA Company

Since 1994, we at Cateringinventar.dk have supplied equipment for large kitchens throughout Denmark. The company behind Cateringinventar.dk is called Kpa Company ApS. Today, we are 29 employees and a large number of external technicians, fitters and partners throughout the country. It has gone strong and we have been named the Gazelle Stock Exchange for six consecutive years. For many years, we concentrated exclusively on used equipment in good condition, but demand was too high for us to keep the used goods at home. We are also official Fagor Denmark importer see more here www.fagor.dk

That's why we took in our own imports from a number of Italian factories. Cateringinventar.dk, which you know today was born. Since then, the number of suppliers has grown sharply and Spanish, Polish, German, Danish, Czech and Turkish suppliers are now a regular part of our weekly deliveries. Before a piece of equipment comes in assortment it is purchased for testing, because we can check that the quality meets our requirements. However, we still hold on to the first suppliers we contacted in their time - they deliver really good quality, at a really sharp price. Today, we are the fastest growing supermarket supplier in the country and at the same time have become one of the largest Danish suppliers of catering equipment, both directly to the end-user and through wholesale link / intermediary.

We currently have a 15.000 m2 warehouse with kitchen equipment for more than DKK 45 million. DKK and showroom in Ikast near Herning, as well as 2 extra warehouses in Herning. All items in our warehouse are prepaid, so we can take advantage of the cash discounts at the suppliers. Everything we do is done with the cost in mind. This is the way we can offer the lowest price to our customers. We do not compromise on quality, but by buying large quantities, prepaying deliveries and keeping our sales costs down - among other things. by not having running salespeople, we offer really good products, at incredibly low prices. We are brand independent as we do not put our little to only one supplier within a given product area. All suppliers have their specialties and we want to be able to offer key products for exactly what our customers want. That way, you also get honest and competent advice instead of dealing with someone who stubbornly explains that the only model they have in the range also happens to be the best on the market. This is our way of doing business and our growth indicates that our customers agree.

Due to many years of experience and solid operations, we have built up a healthy company with a large equity. This means that you can shop with us with great confidence. Our parent company Kpa Lind Holding ApS, as well as our import company Kpa Import ApS, also testify to our solid foundation in an industry that may be characterized by uncertainty. The companies are run and jointly owned by Kjeld Poulsgaard Andersen and Kristoffer Poulsgaard Andersen. With a solid company like ours, you are sure to also be able to get help in 2-3-4-5 years. All equipment needs some first aid at some point, but then it is nice to know that you can still get to the importer with expert knowledge, for minimal downtime.

We have our own technicians in the house who have specialized knowledge of our products. Here in the house we also have large spare parts stock with a huge selection of vital spare parts. Furthermore, we have an agreement with a parts supplier with over 1,4 million spare parts in the range - most we can have 24 hours after ordering. It gives you peace of mind and it gives us satisfaction when we can help our customers get back on track quickly.

One of the latest initiatives for our business is our PLUK store. In the shop you can see our large assortment of trays, dishes, baskets, knives, kitchen appliances, etc. The idea is that you can bring the kitchen accessories home the same day. You are of course also welcome to come by the store just to get some inspiration. We have no compulsion to buy 🙂

As something new, in the fall of 2016, we opened the doors to private trade in quality kitchen appliances through our sister site http://gastrobutikken.dk - here everyone is welcome to buy equipment home for the private. The same good quality that you find at Cateringinventar.dk

In 2016, we also acquired our knife shop www.knivblokken.dk and started our concept www.industriopvasker.dk

In 2017, our warehouse became a scarce resource - that is why we acquired 5.000 m2 of additional warehouse on the same street - in total we now have 15.000 m2 of warehouse filled with large kitchens at good prices.

October 2017 is also the year www.restaurantinventar.dk came to. Here you will find everything in furniture for Café and Restaurant. The concept is the same as we have always had. We want to give you a good product at a sharp price - and we do not compromise on quality.

We are also behind www.wallshop.dk / www.cateringprojekt.dk / www.b2bgaver.com / www.cateringudlejning.dk / www.bageriudstry.dk / www.profvask.dk / www.ostergaard-i.dk

Most recently, we bought into the Swedish company KFL Trading and now own 50% of storkoksbutiken.se, this will happen in December 2021. In the summer of 2022, we took over the site skiftselv.dk. In the spring of 2023, we started selling panels and mirrors on the German market via our German site www.wandmarkt.de and in the same period we started a subsidiary in Iceland.
Prokooking is the latest expansion, with the sale of commercial kitchen equipment for resp. Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.
Call us today on tel. 20280274, write an email at [email protected] or look past Rømersvej 33, 7430 Ikast. We always have coffee and cold water ready - and we gladly take you out to the warehouse to unpack a piece of equipment so you can feel it with your own hands before any. purchase.

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