Hood Dishwashers


With a hood dishwasher you get an ergonomic workflow and a really high capacity. The hood dishwashers are recommended for mid and large washing needs. A hood dishwasher only really comes into its own when it is placed in connection with a dishwashing section - ie with a rinsing table (steel table with faucet and spray arm) before the machine and a drying table after the machine. When the tray is on the rinsing table, it can thus be slid directly into the hood dishwasher after being rinsed off. When the hood dishwasher has finished washing the tray, it can also be pulled out of the machine without unnecessary lifting of the tray. With a length of 110 cm or more, several trays can be left to dry one after the other. This achieves the highest possible efficiency with the dishes and the least possible lifting as the dishwasher tray slides from the rinsing table - into the machine - and onto the drying table.

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