Refrigerator counter, display case and cooling rack

Cooling Rack

A cooling rack or refrigerated display cases are a unique sales tool in every store. The refrigerated display case displays your items in an inviting way, and is available in different sizes and for different purposes. Try for example a Tecnodom cooling rack which can be designed according to your very specific needs. The cooling rack is available in both a meat version with 0-2 degrees, and a green version with mirror and grid, so the vegetables are presented nicely.

All cooling racks have ventilated cooling, self-closing doors and automatic defrosting. Several of our cooling racks even have the option of locking, so the goods are stored safely.

Depending on your desire for capacity, Catering Furniture can help you and your store with the right cooling rack and impulse cooler with the needs you have. We are passionate about high quality that we can vouch for and that our customers can be proud of. Therefore, we only work with brands that can vouch for the high quality we require. Among them are the Italian Tecnodom and the Danish Vibocold.

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