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Catering kitchens at CateringInventar.dk

We are specialists in commercial kitchen equipment and have 10.000 m2 of storage filled with all the commercial kitchen equipment you can dream of. Buying catering equipment is about trust and it is important that you choose a supplier you trust. Our customers trust us and in fact we are the fastest growing supplier of catering equipment in Denmark.

Understanding your situation and your needs is important. We know that your new large kitchen must be of good quality so that you do not have unnecessary downtime. We also know that you need quick help when something goes wrong. In addition, it is a key word for us that you get the right equipment at the right price. Our sellers are not on commission and our philosophy is that we would rather sell you the right large kitchen and then hope you come again than sell you the kitchen we serve most. We believe this gives you and us the best business in the long term.

Buy new and used commercial kitchen equipment

We always have a large selection of new, used and demo goods in stock. Every day we send lots of equipment to the whole country. From our 10.000 m2 warehouse, we can always deliver a complete large kitchen within 24 hours.

We have our own imports directly from the factories around the EU, so you are guaranteed the best price and the lowest possible delivery time for goods that are not in stock. In order to provide the best restaurant experience for your customers, we know that it requires a top-notch kitchen.

There is no reason to invest in catering equipment that is too large or too advanced - conversely, of course, we must have jointly found equipment that is not too small or too simple for your needs. Your commercial kitchen must be designed for your needs and wishes, because this is the easiest way to get happy customers in your business.

With us, you will be treated well, regardless of whether you need a complete large kitchen or just need to replace a single piece of equipment. For us, all customers are important and we want you to come back to us the next time you need catering equipment.

Many years of experience within commercial kitchens

Cateringinventar.dk is a family-owned company that has been selling large kitchens since 1994. Therefore, we have great experience, good and sound finances and a philosophy where we really want you to be happy and proud of your new kitchens.

We are also well aware that one day your large kitchen will need first aid. It is frustrating and it is in the interest of all of us that breakdowns occur infrequently and to the least possible disruption for you as a customer. We understand you and your situation - and we want you to get your large kitchen back in top shape as soon as possible. That is why we also have our own service department with internal specialists and a large external service network. First, however, we try to remedy the problem over the phone, because we can remedy over 50% of all problems in this way. It gets your large kitchen up and running faster, so you can once again focus 100% on the guests.

So there are many good reasons to buy a large kitchen at Cateringinventar.dk

Good prices on high-quality commercial kitchen equipment

Here at Cateringinventar.dk, we are specialists in supplying commercial kitchen furniture for professional kitchens. With us, you will find everything within kitchen machines and commercial kitchen equipment, which has been developed specifically for use in professional kitchens, so you are sure to get high quality across the board.

We always give you sharp prices, as we import all our commercial kitchen equipment directly from the factories around Europe. This also means that we can keep an eye on the quality and that we can always obtain new goods with a short delivery time. And if we have all your wishes in stock, we can deliver an entire commercial kitchen to all parts of the country in just 24 hours.

Large selection of equipment for industrial kitchens

At Cateringinventar.dk, we can open the doors to a warehouse of more than 10.000 m2 with a commercial kitchen in Ikast, where you have the opportunity to find all the commercial kitchen equipment you need to build a well-functioning and efficient kitchen.

Here you have the opportunity to buy a completely large kitchen if you have to start from scratch, or you can pick a little here and there if you just need a few upgrades to your existing industrial kitchen.

With us, you will always find a large selection of both new and used demo goods in stock. This means that you can always come by to try out new products, and that you are always welcome to visit us if you would like to be inspired by new purchases that can improve the workflows in your commercial kitchen.

With us, you will only find high-quality industrial kitchen equipment from reliable suppliers. This means that you can deliver the best experience for your customers in the restaurant when you choose our products.

Industrial kitchen equipment for your needs

Buying commercial kitchen equipment is a big and difficult process, and it can be very confusing if you have not tried it before. That is why we at Cateringinventar.dk are always ready to help you make the right decisions.

We advise you based on the philosophy that there is no reason to invest in too expensive or too much commercial kitchen equipment in relation to your needs, while at the same time you must of course have all the industrial kitchen equipment that allows you to deliver the best possible results in your kitchen.

That is why we always start from your needs, so that together we find the solution that provides the most value for you and your kitchen.

Get security on a daily basis with a service agreement for your commercial kitchens

When your commercial kitchen equipment is used every day, it will inevitably need service at some point. Fortunately, you can always get service from our service department, which is ready to move out when you need it.

That's why you get peace of mind on a daily basis by buying commercial kitchen equipment at Cateringinventar.dk, because you know that there is always someone behind the scenes who can get your kitchen appliances running again when the accident happens on a busy evening in the restaurant.

Cateringinventar.dk is a family-owned company that has been selling commercial kitchens since 1994. Therefore, we have extensive experience, good and sound finances and a philosophy where we sincerely want you to be happy and proud of your new large kitchen.