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Leasing a large kitchen or maybe just an installment plan? We work with several skilled partners who offer several different options for financing your purchases at That way, we hope you can easily get started with your new commercial kitchen for the restaurant or canteen. Even though the budget can often be really tight in starting up a new kitchen.

Advantageous leasing over 12 to 48 months.

All equipment from can be leased

Leasing is an advantageous option for financing where you do not have to involve the bank. The equipment can be paid off from 12-48 months. To start a leasing case, you must buy for a total of DKK 10.000 excl. VAT and there is basically no upper limit. Leasing is based on credit rating and it is not necessarily a requirement that you are not registered in RKI.

Flexible financing 12-24 months

Our own financing solution

A flexible financing solution from our own group. We have a high approval rate and good terms.

Leasing of commercial kitchen - or choose an installment plan


There is not much that can beat the excitement and challenge of throwing oneself over the founding of a new kitchen - regardless of its size. It can be anything from the café dream, the dream of the new restaurant, five-star reviews and the first Michelin star. It can also be the dream of serving really good food to a lot of people from the large-scale kitchen. Either way, the kitchen is an absolutely crucial factor whose dreams should not just remain dreams but be made a reality.

For the chef, the kitchen is the wizard's workshop. A workshop where the most wonderful servings and dishes can be conjured up. It is therefore a pity if the kitchen artist's charms have to be limited by the nature of the kitchen - there is no reason not to leave the country with the best kitchen equipment.

On the contrary, the fully equipped kitchen creates the best breeding ground for the future of your café, restaurant or catering business. The sustainability of a kitchen is ensured best through good investments in the right equipment from the start.


At, we have gathered a selection of different options for commercial kitchen financing, namely either through a loan and an installment plan or through leasing.

We work with some skilled partners on the financing front, in order to offer you the best financing solution for the commercial kitchen. We have several different solutions within both loans and leasing. For example, you can easily apply for a loan of up to DKK 5.500 or up to DKK 1.500.000 with an answer within about one working day - or as little as 10 minutes thanks to a lightning-fast credit check.

Another and now very popular form of financing is leasing. A form of solution that offers a high degree of flexibility in relation to your needs as a customer. For example, try our partner's smart digital calculation model, which lets you try your hand at the right solution. Another advantage of the form of leasing is that there is often no upper limit, while a leasing agreement strengthens your liquidity, without tying up unnecessary funds.


At, we would rather than like to help you get started with your large kitchen. And that in the most advantageous way for you. We do not earn anything from the service, but only offer it to shorten your journey to a new commercial kitchen.

This is also why our customer service is always ready to answer all sorts of questions regarding our offered financing solutions for the commercial kitchen.

If you want to lease your commercial kitchen, is therefore the obvious choice.