LONG TERM RENTAL of catering kitchen at Cateringinventar.dk, safety and overview

New at Cateringinventar.dk, Long-term rental at very favorable prices. You can long term rent the equipment below.

Long-term rental gives you air in the economy and security in the economy. We guarantee equipment in good condition and good service.

Type  Model Start-up  Months. Rent 
In Table Dish EVO5300 w / salt 2495 695
hood Dishwasher Jolly 61 P 2495 795
Oven 6 plugs FUE906 1695 595
Oven 5 plugs FDE905 1695 639
Oven 7 plugs EDE907 1995 849
Oven 10 plugs EDE910 2495 989
Oven prof 6 plugs PDE106 3895 1249
Oven prof 10 plugs PDE110 3895 1449
700 liters of refrigeration Af07ekomtn 1495 595
700 liters freezer Af07ecombt 1495 695

The start-up fee is non-refundable, in addition, 10% of the new price of the equipment must be paid as a deposit before delivery. This will be refunded upon return in cleaned condition.

Primax FUE906, Primax FDE905, Primax EDE907, Primax EDE910, Primax PDE106, Primax PDE110.

Tecnodom refrigerators and freezers:
700L fridge Af07ekomtn, 700L freezer Af07ekombt

Industrial Washer:
Omniwash EVO5300, Omniwash 61 / P

Get security on your equipment and air in the economy with Catering Furniture long term rentals.